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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gas Stations may be Ripping you off

I was just watching the local news (ABC news in So. California) and they were doing a story on gas stations across the U.S. that were cheating consumers with faulty pumps. Of course the gas stations "claimed" they were unaware of the situation. The news reporter said that they tested gas stations in Texas and 2000 of them had faulty pumps. And in Florida 34% of the stations tested were faulty.

The reporter also said that it is against the law for the gas stations to charge a higher price for gas if you use your credit card versus cash. And the stations can only change/increase the price once per day. If you see any stations violating these rules you can report them and they will fined. I didn't get the number or agency where consumers can report the stations, but it's good to know some of these laws. I know from personal experience that I have seen stations violate both of these laws on more than one occasion. However, I didn't know about the laws until today. I will definitely be on the lookout for these violations in the future.

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