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Friday, June 27, 2008

Recycling my bottles and cans

So today I recycled a bunch of my glass & plastic bottles and aluminum cans. My trunk was full of recyclables for almost a week. Two of my friends collect them for me, my dad gives me his, and I get some from people at work. All together that adds up to a lot of bottles and cans.

It was funny because one friend had only cans of Mountain Dew, water bottles, and wine cooler bottles. My other friend had water bottles and large soda bottles from one of his parties. And then there was my dad’s recyclables which consisted of O’Douls and Budweiser cans.
I made out pretty good, making $12.95 for everything. It seemed like I had a lot more, but getting almost $13 just for recycling is quite a good deal. And now I have room in my trunk again.

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