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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yogurtland, a new trend in Frozen Yogurt

The strangest thing happened to me today. I was at work talking with one of my friends about a variety of things. Somehow the conversation got on the topic of frozen yogurt and a place called Yogurtland. He went on and on about how good it was, and how they were opening up locations all over So. California.

So after work I went to visit my parents and we went to the mall for dinner. Afterwards we were walking around the mall and I look up and right there before my very eyes was Yogurtland. I couldn’t believe my eyes because before today I had never even heard of Yogurtland, and now there was one in this mall. Of course I had to go inside to see for myself just what all the fuss was about.

Basically it’s self-serve frozen yogurt for a price of 30 cents an ounce. You can add whatever toppings or yogurts you want, and then weigh it at the cashier and pay the 30 cents per ounce. I had an average sized cup with a few toppings and it came out to $3.70. That’s not too bad, especially considering they have fresh fruit toppings and a wide variety of yogurt flavors to choose from. And the yogurt is fat free which is nice.

Earlier I had asked my friend about Pinkberry and he said that Yogurtland was way better. I don’t know if this is true, as I have never had Pinkberry yogurt. But I believe the concept of the 2 yogurt stores is probably very similar. I have heard that Pinkberry’s is kind of expensive for what you get. But apparently it’s what all the Hollywood stars are eating. (OMG, now I have to try it… j/k)

I think it’s funny that these 2 places are opening up all around me. It kind of reminds me of a while back when frozen yogurt was all the rage. There were Penguin’s yogurt and other yogurt stores opening up all over the place. And now that trend has finally resurfaced. I didn’t think frozen yogurt could make a come back, but maybe with these 2 stores it might have a chance.

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