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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Yesterday there was a 5.4 earthquake her in So. California, near Chino Hills. It didn't seem that big, but it did seem to last a long time. I don't know exactly how long it lasted, but it felt like at least a couple minutes.

While that might not seem like a long time if you've never experienced an earthquake, 2 minutes seems like forever. Plus the fact that you don't know if or when the shaking will stop, or get worse. I always play it safe, and expect the worse.

Yesterday, when the earthquake started, I quickly headed outside to the front yard. I was at my parents' house when it happened and I was trying to get them to follow me outside.

My dad is a bit too relaxed when it comes to earthquakes. Instead of going outside he went into the kitchen to do, I don't know what. At the time I just kept thinking, "What are you doing, get your butt out here!!!" He doesn't think about 'what if this is the big one?' He wanted to stay in the door jam, which I guess is one of the most secure parts of the house. But I said, what if the earthquake is so big, the whole house comes down. I'd rather be outside than stuck in that door jam.

Anyway, everything was okay, and our houses were fine, no damage. I only had one little statue of the Virgin Mary that got knocked over, and a small mirror that was slightly crooked. All in all, everything was fine, and we survived another earthquake.

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