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Monday, July 7, 2008

Time to Catch up on my House Cleaning

Yesterday was my nice relaxing day off, so today I have to catch up on some house cleaning. I haven't vacuumed in probably 3 months. I really needed to dust my bedroom shelves and living room. And my bathroom was due for some cleaning. The bathroom is the only room that I actually keep pretty clean. It was a good work out, but now everything is clean and somewhat dust-free.

My parents are coming over later today so I wanted to make sure everything was clean before they got here. I don't usually keep my home messy, but there are always papers or junk mail lying around on the kitchen table.

The thing I hate the most is dusting. And that's why I don't usually do it, unless it gets really bad. I know I should dust more often, especially because it's not good to breathe all that dust, but it's such a pain for me to do it, I pass it off as long as I can. The thing I hate most about dusting is that it's so hard to get the dust off the tables & shelves. It seems like I'm just moving the dust around. I even use the Pledge all-purpose spray, but it's still hard for me to get the table completely dust free.

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