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Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 Earthquakes in Southern California

We had 2 minor earthquakes earlier today here in sunny southern California. According to the USGS earthquake website there was a 3.8 near Yorba Linda, California at around 4:56pm PST, then 2 more, one at 8:27pm and one at 8:28pm, a 4.0 and 3.0 magnitude.

I felt 2 of them a little, but they weren't that big, luckily. They just freak me out because you never know if it's going to get bigger, or stronger. I know I should duck and cover, but my instinct always tells me to run outside, out in the open where nothing can fall on me. I'm not really afraid of the earthquake, I'm afraid of the old, ill constructed buildings falling on me.

I hope there aren't any more tonight. It's always hard for me to fall asleep when I keep thinking there will be another earthquake and crush me in my sleep. All I can do is pray that I will be safe, even if there is another "big one."

1 comment:

sandy said...

Good luck to you, hope things calm down. I wouldn't be able to live there I don't think. The idea of an earthquake really frightens me.

Having been to southern California twice in the past year, I keep wondering why people refer to it as sunny California. lol Seriously, had to come back to Ohio for sunshine. I expected to be warm, packed accordingly. Had to shop and buy sweatshirts and sweaters. Not much use for the new bathing suit I bought just before the last trip. errrrrrrrr Bad luck it seems with my traveling time. lol

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