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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Has the Swine Flu been overly publicized by the Media, Potentially causing mass panic?

I'm sure the swine flu is a serious virus, but why does the media have to publicize it like it's the next black plague. It's a flu virus. Yes people have died from it, but people also die from getting the regular flu virus too. And people also recover from the swine flu, just like the regular flu.

Why did so many people die from the swine flu in Mexico? Who knows? But the fact is that people here in the U.S. have gotten the swine flu and recovered from it with no problem.

The Media is scaring people into a panic over something that might just disappear with in a few weeks. After all, there have been reports of swine flu in the past, even "serious" outbreaks of it, but then it just went away, and everyone forgot about it, until now. This is not a new, unknown, virus to be feared. As long as people take care of themselves, and go see their doctor if they think they have the flu, everything will be okay, and we can move on with our lives.


homebased money said...

Yes I agree with you that there is nothing to panic about the issue.It can be easily managed if proper precautions are taken and in homoeopathy there are medicines for prevention of this condition known as genus epidemicus you can refer here for further guidence


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7th heaven said...

It's cause deaths, that shud gear people up. Of course, the pandemic warning an all is to make sure there isn't an outbreak as the virus can spread easily.