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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Project Wonderful or CMF ads - Get Great Rates to Advertise on My Blogs

I started advertising with CMF ads a little over a month ago, and I think they are pretty good. I like Project Wonderful better, but PW didn't approve one of my blogs so I went to CMF instead. Now I advertise with both CMF and PW and I'm hoping to get some more advertisers on my blogs.

If you would like to try CMF ads, please feel free to click on my CMF ad widget located on this blogs sidebar, or on my other blog's sidebars.

You can get low cost advertising on all my blogs through Project Wonderful or CMF so check out the rates now.

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oicned said...

Good day!

I added your site to my EC drop list ->

Click on the "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" icon and it will open other EcoFriendly sites including yours.

Have a nice day!

Empty Streets said...

Dropping by this wet friday morning to greet yah a blessed weekend ahead :)